Simply put community reward points, like stock options, give members the option to share in any financial success we have. You gain community reward points when you contribute to the community.  

How do they work?

Let’s cover an example, Maria referred a few restaurants to Dine.Direct. Those restaurants began using Dine.Direct’s easy order product. As a reward, Maria was granted 10,000 points on Dec 5, 2020. When the points were granted, they were worth $0.10 each. Fast forward to Dec 5, 2023, and lots of people like Maria have helped Dine.Direct’s community to grow. In turn the market value of Dine. Direct has increased. Each point is now worth $0.60.

For each of Maria’s points, she’ll get the difference between the current value ($0.60) and the initial value ($0.10), which is $0.50 per point. Multiply that by 10,000 points, and Maria’s restaurant referral is now worth $5,000 in cash. Maria cashes in her points and books her first trip to Paris!

How to earn rewards?

You don’t have to be a restaurant to earn rewards! We give rewards to anyone who helps the community achieve our mission. 

Community Reward Points Program

Current Reward Point Base Price = $0.09 USD

Our Dine Direct community shares financial success. Community Reward Points give our community members a financial stake in our future.

Community Reward Points work like phantom stock options. They track the value of Dine Direct LLC shares (units).

Points are simple. If the value of a Dine Direct share (unit) goes up, then the value of a Community Reward Point go up too. Just like credit card points, the owner of Community Reward Points can redeem them from the Dine Direct for cash, as detailed in the Plan.

If the value of company shares (units) stay the same or go down, then points are not worth anything.

Typical Grant Amounts

Activity in the USA Points Awarded
Become a local founder
Use "Easy Order" in your restaurant
Refer a new restaurant
Help a new restaurant get setup

Reward Point FAQs

Important legal disclaimer: The FAQ below is our best attempt at providing readable answers to common questions. The legal nitty-gritty inside the Community Points Plan defines the actual program. If there is any discrepancy between the Plan and this FAQ, the Plan wins. The Plan may change from time to time. You can read the current version here: Community Reward Points Plan

The only way to get points is to do something that helps the Dine.Direct community. The table above lists some common actions and their corresponding point awards. The number of points awarded for any particular action will change from time-to-time and is determined by Dine.Direct.

Points cannot be purchased. They can only be earned by doing things that help the community. Points cannot be sold or traded. They can only be redeemed by the the person or company who received the reward (or their heirs)

You can cash in your Points by following the instructions in your Award Agreement.

Yikes, there is really no way that we can answer this because we have community members in different countries all over the world. What we can tell you is that Points are granted with an “at the money” strike price. This tidbit of information should help your accountant answer your tax questions.

Sometimes we promise points and then actually give them when they complete a particular task. For example, we might give a new restaurant reward points and then give them out once they process some orders. Check the vesting language in you award agreement to understand what (if any) action is necessary on your part to receive the promised Points.

Great question. We hope a whole heck-of-a-lot because this means our community is strong and successful. We can tell you that we have allocated points that correspond to about 30% of Dine Direct LLC. If we don’t grow, these points won’t be worth anything. If we grow as big as the “food app” companies, well, you can do the math from your new boat 🙂

This is the current value of a Community Reward Point as set per the Community Reward Point Plan. If you receive an award today, this number will be your strike price. If you cash in your points today, this number will be your redemption price. The amount of money you are entitled to is calculated with the following formula.  Dollar Value = (Redemption Price – Strike Price) * Number of Points

Our community is new, and we are just getting started. Our company is also new and only worth several million dollars.  It’s good that the value is low if you are getting your point grant today. This means you have a low strike price. Points will be worth more as the common units (shares) of the company increase in value.  The Dollar Value of your points  = (Redemption Price – Strike Price) * Number of Points. A low strike price means a higher dollar value.

As long as your point are vested and not expired, you can cash them in whenever you want to. Your award agreement will also list an expiration date for points. It is usually ten (10) years from the grant date, but check your award to be sure. You need to cash them in before this expiration date.

Yes, if you let your points expire they are essentially worthless. Also, if you do something evil to the community we have the right to take them away. Evil is the section in the plan titled “Cause”. If you are planning to do something evil, you should read that section in detail to understand the risk to your points.

The base price of the first award grant was $0.05 USD. Don’t you wish you were that person. 😉

Easy! Click the link for a recent version: Community Reward Points Plan

You can read a sample Award Agreement by clicking this link: Sample Award Agreement

Unfortunately, our lawyers say yes. They tell us it has to do with making sure all interested parties agree to the terms defined in the Plan. All award agreements need to be signed by a spouse OR the recipient needs to attest to the fact that they are not legally married. We take you at your word and do not verify matrimonial status.

There is no out of pocket cost to you at any time. Depending on your country of residence there might be third party fees to send your money. We also have a small administration fee to cover the clerical work on our side. We take these fees (and any required taxes) out of your proceeds. Dine Direct will NEVER ask you to send money.

Dine Direct will never ask you for any money related to Community Reward Points. Please report this call to so that we can investigate and follow up with the proper authorities.


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