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Right now, restaurants in our community are taking back control of their customers, their reputations, and their money.  Our diverse community of accountants, PR specialists, programmers, artists, and wider supporters are with them every step of the way.  

Our community valuesinnovation, trust, transparency, andshared financial success.  Our shared belief is that technology should work for restaurants instead of restaurants working for tech companies. 

We are helping restaurants right now, and we are at the beginning of a beautiful future.  

>>>>>  Join our community and enable a brighter future for restaurants.   <<<<<

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Community Rewards

Simply put community reward points, like stock options, give members the option to share in any financial success we have. You gain community reward points when you contribute to the community.  

How do they work?

Let’s cover an example, Maria referred a few restaurants to Dine.Direct. Those restaurants began using Dine.Direct’s easy order product. As a reward, Maria was granted 10,000 points on Dec 5, 2020. When the points were granted, they were worth $0.10 each. Fast forward to Dec 5, 2023, and lots of people like Maria have helped Dine.Direct’s community to grow. In turn the market value of Dine. Direct has increased. Each point is now worth $0.60.

For each of Maria’s points, she’ll get the difference between the current value ($0.60) and the initial value ($0.10), which is $0.50 per point. Multiply that by 10,000 points, and Maria’s restaurant referral is now worth $5,000 in cash. Maria cashes in her points and books her first trip to Paris!

How to earn rewards?

You don’t have to be a restaurant to earn rewards! We give rewards to anyone who helps the community achieve our mission. This includes but is not limited to;  


Wait, reeeeally?

Sound too good to be true, read more here 

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