Dax sólo trabaja en Coronado, San Diego por el momento :)

Dine.Direct & DAX are bringing restaurant delivery to Coronado this summer.


Dax sólo trabaja en Coronado, San Diego por el momento :)

Dine.Direct & DAX are bringing restaurant delivery to Coronado this summer.



Are you wondering what happened between Wall-E & Eve? Meet DAX!

DAX is built in Oregon and designed to deliver delicious food to hungry humans. 

He is safe, eco-friendly and he has an adorable personality. Meet him in person by ordering delicious food from a local Dine.Direct restaurant.



DAX is an urban interface delivery robot. That means that it can use sidewalks to navigate a senior living facility, or find it’s way to your favorite hole on a putting green with something cool to drink. One of the things that makes DAX is unique is that it’s built to interface with people. It’s one of the only interactive urban robots in existence, using a “neck” and facial expressions to communicate.

Dax is designed and built by https://daxbot.com/

Dax is designed with collision detection, just like some cars are.

Collision avoidance detects and avoid hazards mostly on its own. In especially congested or tricky areas it can send an alert to a Dax operator. Dax also has an emergency stop that can be activated remotely by the operator or physically by a bystander.

Dax runs on a ROS-like system called DaxOS.

The difference is that DaxOS is newer than ROS; it favors Node over Python or C++ and it adds certain features like multi-chip voting and a centralized datastore. DaxOS also allows us to bake safety-related code into the master and not rely on a node, which could otherwise die while the master is left running.

Dax uses GPS to route to its destination. Along the way Dax’s cameras and sensors help it avoid obstacles and cross streets safely. Dax has chips that help it make smart decisions.

Not currently. DAX can go over potholes up to 10 cm deep as well as stay upright on uneven terrain. DAX the robot can go anywhere that is ADA compatible.

DAX is designed for a max speed of 4 mph, and has a turbo boost that can be used for crossing streets. DAX also has a built-in emergency stop in case it needs to be reigned in.

DAX is 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. Three feet of robotic good will.

DAX’s cargo bay is .5 cubic meters (yeah, that doesn’t help us much, either). DAX can carry 537 Ping Pong Balls or 2 medium pizzas plus drinks. Personally the pizzas and drinks sound more appealing.

DAX has a 2.5 mile delivery range, put can be optimized for longer deliveries. DAX has done a 5k. The DAX crew is not into marathons yet. Its doctor says they are bad for your knees. But DAX has smart treads, not knees, so now its looking for a new doctor.

DAX can maneuver in both snow and rain, as well as temps as low as -20C and up to 40C. DAX can’t swim. Yet.

DAX delivers all around the city of Coronado. Click here to order some DAX delivered grub.



DAX delivery robots are electric, reduce traffic congestion, and are friendly to both people and animals. DAX uses GPS tracking and constantly communicates with our Dine.Direct operations center.  We call a group of DAX & his friends a “crew”.

ANSI/RIA R15.206 compliant
Cruising speed
3-4MPH (human walking speed)
Cargo capacity
5+ ft3, 22lbs
Cargo by climate control
-5C to +70C
Delivery Range
2 miles
Quick-change “smart’ battery pack
4.5-inch all-terrain treads
-20°C to + 40°C
Wind tolerance
20 MPH
Uneven terrain
Potholes up to 10cm deep
Programmed in NodeJS
Nodular real-time control system makes attachments (arm, etc.) modular

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